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Thank you for inquiring about purchasing or licensing my photography. All of my photographs are painstakingly handcrafted using the “wet” enlarging process made famous by Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston. Images captured on Ilford HP-5 in the 4 X 5, 5 X 7 and 8 X 10 inch sheet film sizes are enlarged onto double-weight, fiber-based silver halide Ilford Classic paper and will not begin to fade for over two centuries

Photographs are enlarged to 11 X 14, 16 X 20, 20 X 24, 24 X 30 and 30 X 40 inches, depending on subject matter. Custom orders are welcomed. Some black and white images are available in sizes up to 52 X 74 inches. These special orders require a 25% deposit.

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